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The company was founded in 2020 to become the main representative of the leading production and service companies in the oil and gas industry in the Republic of Senegal. Having extensive experience in the field of drilling and completion of oil and gas wells, the council of companies considered that the most promising development path would be to open a new company – a
representative office, which in the future, developing services and increasing sales volumes, will be able to establish its own production center in various areas of wells construction and operation. This will not only improve financial performance, increase the number of jobs and investment attractiveness, but also allow the Government to control the quality of performance and the cost of works under contracts in the oil and gas industry.
The main activities of the company are currently:
1. Production and supply of modifying additives for drilling mud and cement slurries.
2. Conducting laboratory research and developing recipes of technological fluids for drilling and well
3. Supply of casing pipes, casing accessories, float equipment and well cementing tools.
4. Delivery and maintenance services for drill bits.
5. Delivery and maintenance services for mud motors.
6. Supply of drill pipes and drill string elements (BHA elements).
7. Supply of circulation systems and its individual units.
8. Supply of equipment for gas production and treatment.
The main goal of the company is to increase safety, environmental friendliness and labor productivity, create new jobs and reduce investment costs by opening local production facilities in close cooperation with the Government and the INPG.

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